I am very down with celebrating women. TEDxSydney Summer 2020 Pitch Night Needing to feel motivated, inspired or just have a good ol’ cry? But don't judge her by her looks. Curator's Picks: Top 10 TED Talks of 2019 The most notable talks of 2019, chosen by TED Curator Chris Anderson. 5) Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability. Increasing populations, ecosystem... Joe Carbone is a performer, parkour specialist and head instructor with Australia’s Dauntless Movement Crew (DMC). Directed by Hannah Hilliard Building blocks that blink, beep, and teach Engineer and artist Ayah Bdeir talks about how she invented LittleBits, electronic building blocks that can teach kids all about science, technology, engineering, and design. Tweet; If you’re serious about developing yourself as a leader, regardless of where you are in your career, it’s important to listen and learn from the experts in the field of leadership. Solving challenges related to access for people with disabilities isn’t as simple as a drop-down menu. If Australians have a will to Reconciliation, why hasn’t it happened yet? For this list, they featured talks covering a diverse range of ideas from identity and personal growth to politics and immigration. Produced... Too Much To Dream: by Churchward Melhuish. Our first Salon focused on the... TEDxSydney 2016 speaker, Clara Vuletich speaks about her work in the sustainable fashion space and what happens when we throw away our clothes – particularly when it ends up... We are taking you on the road with our alumni speakers as part of the new TEDxSydney Adventures series, presented by Toyota Prius. Directed by James Dive Starring Kathrine Nheu, Mila La Haye, Jahree James. I took part in a... Here’s a handful of factoids about TED to add to your TEDxpertise. We thank him for the inspiration he provided, 8) Alain de Botton – A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success. This fat phobia is keeping many of us, regardless of... For your own sake, don’t log off. But with huge crowds comes a huge... Solomon Islands-based diving enthusiast David Power loves turtles and wants to save them for future generations to enjoy, but overfishing, illegal fishing and bycatch are pushing fish stocks to... Judy Atkinson is an expert in understanding inter-generational healing and recovery from trauma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Top 10 TED talks that’ll change your life Sharon Timms. Video by Hunting with Pixels. A Personal Story, Beautiful + Ibis Noir | Deep Sea Astronauts featuring Sheba Williams, What happens when technology has a human face? TED.com translations are made possible by volunteer Smash Fear, learn anything – Tim Ferriss . Now recognised worldwide for his obscure talent to warp and manipulate his vocal chords, Tom Thum demonstrates his innate ability for inhuman noisemaking, 4) Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness. In this touching short talk, criminal defence lawyer Jahan Kalantar offers advice on... By choosing to create this talk, Miles Merrill faced the tough decision to discuss the n-word and racism with his eight-year old daughter. | Louise Zhang, Physical Communication is Universal | Andy Dexterity, The Art of Forgetting, Australians and their History | David Hunt, Meet The Speakers: Kelli Jean Drinkwater | TEDxSydney 2016, Stellar Live Performances Complete The TEDxSydney 2016 Lineup, A New Way To Listen – A Conversation With Tralala Blip, Connected in Cuba: TEDxHabana 2015 Report, Don’t call me Aussie: Combating Prejudice With Art, Susan Butler answers your Post-it® questions, Playlist: Love, marriage, family and equality, Know More About Theatre, You Uncultured Oafs: post Ensemble, Inspiration Porn and the Objectification of Disability: Stella Young, Welcome to Generation Slacktivist by Katherine Hudson, Rebekah Campbell: What web entrepreneurs can learn from rock stars, Using the Human Body as my Canvas | Danielle Wilde, Darryl Nichols: Garage sales — lose clutter, gain friends, TEDxSydney – Kerrie Noonan – My Friend Jude, Bernadette Tomes: Matrimony & Sexual Discovery, Gina Wilson: Discovering One’s Intersex Self. Surely six people living in isolation for eight months as part of a simulated mission to Mars would experience some epic conflicts, right? In this fast-moving and very funny talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that, actually, happiness inspires us to be more productive. With her signature deadpan wit, Stella articulates what she sees as the fatal flaw in the... Target 100, in conjunction with TEDxSydney, invited two people to a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory. Most of you have probably heard about Tim Ferriss and his achievements. 1. Yikes, that’s a pretty big responsibility, sorry to lay it on you so heavy. Here is some footage from the TEAM kickoff for TEDxSydney 2013 ... held at the Utzon Room at the Sydney Opera House in August 2012. Bill Davenhall – Your Health Depends on Where You Live. The TED Talks series is driven by the desire to bring important and inspiring ideas to the broader public. In a highly entertaining performance, beatboxer Tom Thum slings beats, comedy and a mouthful of instrumental impersonations into 11 minutes of creativity and fun that will make you smile. Sam refused to allow his disease to define him and worked to overcome limitations others said he never would. It was December 9 when the Gospers Mountain megafire first blazed into our watch zone. It’s a new TED experience – … Faced with a swirling hot tub of idealistic, ambitious millennials, Scheeler risked being dismissed as irrelevant. 19:18 Matt Walker Sleep is your superpower Sleep is your life-support system and Mother Nature's best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker. Why must you ALWAYS enjoy a classic... We may say we seek justice if we are wronged or lose a loved one. As the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. TEDxSydney 2018 Spring Pitch Night: Who won and what did we learn? ... and top it off with recommendations from our global community. Created by Substance for TEDxSydney 2019, An experimental dance collaboration shot in the Australian bush. New York Times bestselling author, human guinea pig, chef, bodybuilder, dancer, and so much more. Strange creates large scale art projects and installations incorporating homes around the... What does a just society look like, and how do we go about creating one? Driverless cars, robots conducting high-level surgeries powered by virtual reality headsets, ultra-fast connectivity presenting unfathomable opportunities; the future of technology is bright. As children of... Omar Musa is a Malaysian-Australian rapper and poet from Queanbeyan, Australia. How does Shakespeare tap in to universal truths that represent ALL people ALL the time? “It’s taught. After the massive success of her book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, Elizabeth believed that her greatest work was now behind her, a very scary thought. Many people believe TEDxSydney is based on watching TEDx talks. Ever tried separating the clothes in your wardrobe that are polluting the planet from those that aren’t? There has been a lot of research into how others perceive our body language, and the importance of sending the right message. Aeronautical Engineer, Anastasia Volkova explains that there is a better way... Two years ago, when Ivan Zelich was a 17-year-old school student, he co-developed a theorem that took the global scientific community by storm. How to do it? Curly Mother: Marlen Maediger But if we're honest, do we actually seek revenge? Curly Daughter: Gabby Short In lifetimes of just six weeks, bees leave us a great legacy. UPDATED: To see all these talks at one click, check out our updated Playlist: The 20 Most Popular Talks of All Time. Many scientists argue that if we continue to treat our world in the way we currently do, we will no longer be surrounded by natural beauty. Shifting the Future is this year’s theme for TEDxYouth@Sydney, reflecting an optimism that believes that change is possible - that with fresh ideas and new... Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder of software company Atlassian, is an Australian business success story. You know those days when coffee, sex or Netflix just isn’t quite enough? About the clothes that you’re wearing right now? Artist Sara Morawetz embarked on a journey... You’re in the shower and it comes to you. 5 Women shaping culture for a more balanced future, A new tech Platform shines a light in dark moments for Australia’s youth, Building the women’s game on and off the field (Q&A) | Chyloe Kurdas, Health autonomy in the palm of your hand | Dana Bradford, ‘Finding the Heart’: Top takeaways from TEDWomen, How your connection can define the future of technology, What would happen if your everyday technology had a familiar face? John ends up comfortably wealthy Mary lives... “Did you ever hear about Alan Johnston?” asks journalist Peter Greste. 1. However, Amy Cuddy delves into how we are influenced by our own body language — and how a few strategic power poses can make a world of difference in our self-confidence and stress levels. His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Wright brothers ... Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. After developing iPhone apps like "Bustin Jeiber," a whack-a-mole game, he is now using his skills to help other kids become developers. When we feel at our best, we want other people to see it. Acrobat, dancer and Paralympian, Sarah Houbolt shares her unique views on how to... 2016 has barely kicked off, but we're already thinking ahead  - to the future ways in which we might connect the TEDxSydney community, using the ever-growing number of mobile... Linh Do is the Co-founder of oursay.org, a platform to connect with leaders to make change. Her sound are bold... Celebrated Australian actor David Wenham shares his insights into the acting process - what is it, how to do it and why? Together they unpack the qualities of living the good life while tackling naysayers and anxiety. Reflecting on his experience living with six people in a simulated Mars environment, TEDxSydney speaker James Bevington shared the lessons he learned... An incredible line up of talks, performances & films. Her poetry has featured in journals such as Quadrant, and the Best Australian Poems. Learn more about the The scale of mental health challenges facing, not only the entire nation, but particularly the youth of Australia, has never been greater or more apparent than it... TEDxSydney alumnus speaker Chyloe Kurdas shares her approach to preparing AFLW players to represent themselves on social media. Top 10 TED Talks on Time Management. ... Never underestimate the power of a soul-raising, poignant speech to reaffirm your faith in humanity, and you can trust TED talks to bring it in spades. In this insightful talk, she shares 10 useful rules for having better conversations. AEON: created by DMCI is a wonderful animation depicting the seasons of Earth in a whole new way. This is why we’d like to share with you our choice of 10 top TED Talks on task and time management. Everyone does, right? | Lucinda Beaman, Housing Crisis? He is director of Derlot Pty. | Nicole Gurran, How diversity in Fire and Rescue will build a safer society | Bronnie Mackintosh, Mathematics is the sense you never knew you had | Eddie Woo, A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturalists | Bruce Pascoe, What I learned about conflict from living on “Mars” | James Bevington, The long and the short of it: life lessons from art-dog Teena | David Capra, How can we design AI that we trust? Credits In what could be the first direct link between AI and the human brain, interventional neurologist Thomas Oxley reveals the world's first minimally invasive digital spinal cord. Every Ted Talk is free to watch and download but you can’t possibly go through 2800 videos so this is the Best 10 Ted Talks for you to watch in 2019. What happens to your legacy every time you take a selfie? But shockingly, it could be our power to choose from thousands of great experiences in life that actually keeps us from being happy. Making his mark on the Australian music scene, Genesis Owusu is continually delivering his own ever-changing and unique style of hip-hop that... Eric Avery performs a piece called Wirrangintungiyil at TEDxSydney 2019, accompanied by his father Graham King. Links to all 10 talks are found below — or browse through our Top 10 TED Talks Theme. "The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality, and it was vitality that seemed to seep away from me in that moment." Amna Karra-Hassan is the co-founder of Auburn Tigers Women's AFL. The ocean is our backyard and its creatures aren't hidden in the depths and darkness of the sea. It builds while on the commute to work. We believe we should work hard in order to be happy, but could we be thinking about things backwards? Inspired by his 2014 TED Talk, architect Marc Kushner has published a little book powered by a big idea: That everyone loves architecture, even if they’re not... Last year's Fast Ideas segment was won by Oliver Damian, who came up with the notion of rewarding people on the basis of what they contribute to society, not... Dr George Poonkhin Khut (pronounced Pün-kin, Küt) is an artist and interaction designer working across the domains of contemporary art, design and health research, with a special interest in... Can you grow food, essentially farm, if you live in the city? From baby geniuses and an 11-year-old food activist to the secret of living to 100, we have counted our views from TED.com and Youtube to bring you our 20 most-watched TEDx talks to date. Could this year’s much anticipated TEDxSydney event hold the key to more life changing talks? Psychologist and author Alain de Botton examines our ideas of success and failure — and questions the assumptions underlying these two judgments. In 2005, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis and a group of ex-politicians, academics and business people started a conversation about alternatives to our current adversarial political formula. 1. Watch Now Checking list. Are they actually worth it? Check out these ten inspirational TED talks that’ll change your life… or at the very least give you some solace for the next time things aren’t going your way. In the early 21st-century data storage surpassed oil to become the world’s most valuable commodity. Never underestimate the power of a soul-raising, poignant speech to reaffirm your faith in humanity, and you can trust TED talks to bring it in spades. TEDx events unleash fresh ideas from local communities. Most of us don’t feel that 168 hours a week is enough to do everything we have planned. It’s one of the main roadblocks to overcome". Kerrie Noonan shares a personal and... A short video with vox pops made by Andre Fenby and Drew Rooke, Media and Communication students at the University of Sydney … Principal Partner for TEDxSydney 2013. So which of these many talks has proved the most popular? What do we see? In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. Watching the live coverage of the Greenpeace activists hanging upside down from Oregon’s St. Johns Bridge back in 2015, seeing... Technology has afforded us access to activities, entertainment and knowledge in ways we never could have dreamed of. 13-year-old poet, Solli Raphael, a  asks "what kind of human are you, what kind am I?" If you think you... An updated version of a video played at TEDxSydney 2019, celebrating 10 years of TEDxSydney. This pursuit is nothing new. The shame associated with our bodies is a result of the gaze that is imposed on it. Are you there, what... TEDxSydney licensee Remo Giuffré delivered keynote talks at the end of August at both Wired for Wonder events in Sydney and Melbourne. In this amusing talk, Sam tells us all about growing up in Australia, and how the human body could possibly be improved - by moving the head. Enjoy! TED brings together some of the most inspiring thought leaders on the planet.With thousands of amazing talks to choose from it can be difficult to find TED’s hidden gems. And again. She launched the careers of 11 of Australia's... Danielle Wilde studies and writes about how technology can pair with the physical body to poeticize experience. Mike Seymour tells us, Chyloe Kurdas | TEDxSydney 2018 | Ideas of Note Speakers Series, Zooming In: Reflecting on the power of focus at TEDxSydney, At home in Australia: Learning from new neighbours at TEDxSydney, 5 ways to take your idea to the next level, What my first TEDxSydney event taught me about people and ideas. But try living without one, like 13% of Papua New Guineans do. Top 10 TED Talks on Religion. There’s only one way to find out. The rise of the freelance or gig economy has fuelled a new type of workplace and we are more focused on where we work, how we work,... For too long, women have been fair game in an industry that’s been anything but fair. Not only is the Atlassian co-founder’s wiki. Here’s one of the most inspiring TED Talks you will ever have the pleasure to watch. Success in life can’t be solely measured by the progress made in our careers. Ugly or beautiful – it depends on who is looking. As the pendulum begins to... We are more connected and the world is more accessible than ever yet we have trouble defining our identity and finding a place to call home. What makes good theatre? Alexander Lotersztain was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977. 9) Lucinda Beaman: What Does It Take to Change A Mind. Why do it? In this TED Talk, psychologist Dan Gilbert breaks down happiness into its two most basic components—the happiness we stumble upon and the happiness we create—to reveal a shocking truth. Whether you’re trying to find love, save your relationship or justify that extra-marital affair with Bob (or Barb) from Accounts, the TED community has come up with some pretty... A discussion on what happens when life comes to its natural, inevitable conclusion. This year at TEDxSydney 2018, we wanted to know the answer to a very important question: What does it mean to be human? Since the first conference over 30 years ago, TED has grown into a cultural... Before he became Zak Ebrahim, the shy son of an Egyptian migrant and a Pittsburg native had an altogether different name. Microbiology research scientist,... As a farmer, Anika Molesworth understands many of the challenges facing farmers - who are all trying to create more with less. Getting Real with TEDxSydney Film Directors, The show must go on – how Australian live performers are adapting without a stage, How memory is closely linked to finding purpose, KINDNESS – Why it’s more important than ever, The best brands are created from the inside out, What was hot in the Hub at TEDxSydney 2018, TEDxSydney after-dark – Where to eat, drink and play, The X Effect: Why you should attend TEDxSydney, Bushfires: This is not a crisis we can afford to waste. However, it is up to you to take advantage of this and expand your knowledge. Here are ten of the most popular TED Talks related to public health. It’s a lie. According to artificial intelligence professional, Dr Fang Chen, "the continual use of technology hinges upon human trust. He talks about how... Of all the pets in the world, surely the best is the axolotl. HANDSOME performs Save Some Love at TEDxSydney 2019. Don’t Take It Personally | Cathy Wilcox, Finding Hope in Hopelessness | Peta Murchison, Fast Ideas 2016 | Hosted By Sinéad McDevitt, How Ideas Spread: The Role of Social Networks, Playlist: 6 Simple Ideas You Can Use Today, Find out what happened at TEDxSydney Summer 2018 Pitch Night, Ten Things You Might Not Know About TED and TEDxSydney. She asks if there is such thing... A Collective Performance pictures numerous political demonstrations occurring in New York City between 2017-2018. She is a leading authority on early colonial Australia and also works in environmental and urban history, historical archaeology, heritage and... Josh Cook is a 34 year old self taught avian behaviourist, specialising in the art of free flight, a relatively new concept within aviculture and companion bird ownership. Internationally acclaimed percussion soloist, chamber musician and artistic director of Ensemble Offspring, Claire Edwardes performs 'Temazcal' by Javier Alvarez at TEDxSydneySalon in November 2016. Or is it something more –– something scientific? Top 10 TED Talks on Leadership In many cases earning a PhD means becoming a leader in your field or profession. What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? ... Best free games 2020: the top free games to download on PC. Whatever your winter tradition, TED wants to wish you a heartfelt “Happy Holidays!” with this list of 10 great TEDTalks to warm your hearth — and to keep at-the-ready on your laptop or iPhone for those times when the only other options are mass-market paperbacks. This series takes you on a journey to uncover and share the key turning points of various TEDxSydney alumni speakers to date. She argues that the solutions lie in a rebuild of social... "We do more than just fight fires". Tasty Video Bit made for TEDxSydney 2013 Words Left Unwritten When all the world’s a stage and you’ve made an exit, it’s up to a loved one to summarise your entire performance in a single page. Since then Citizen Kirby has been busier than ever doing... Michael Cathcart is a writer, broadcaster and historian. The future is created by the decisions we make today. It’s that great idea you had while waiting for the bus. Solli's unique and emotive poetry aims to explore human action towards environmental sustainability. How about Housing Solution. Playlists. © TED Conferences, LLC. Wire Top 10 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs Bill Gates, Edward Snowden, Larry Page, and the inventor of the World Wide Web converged on the year's hottest topics. That's why we put together this list of our crème de la crème TED Talks on leadership. Darryl Nichols cofounded the Garage Sale Trail, an Australian community-based marketplace focused on sustainability, community and fun. Merciless Hunter: Liam C-S In this short talk Joe explains why he believes we need to put... At TEDxSydney 2017 Scott Griffiths, a body image and eating disorder researcher from the University of Melbourne, described how the increased focus on muscularity has led to an increase... At TEDxYouth@Sydney 2017, 6 young people shared their Fast Idea in 30 seconds flat at Sydney Town Hall with Youth Curator Nat Chandra. Looks aren't everything. Marketers across the globe are tapping into the idea of power from the people. Everything you ever need to know is now available at your fingertips. Camera drones are, literally, inverting the way we see the world. Watch the following ten talks to sharpen your management skills. Susie Stokes revisits Rachel's talk in light of... Last month we launched our inaugural TEDxSydneySalons – a series of intimate events combining talks, films, music and more, presented by Toyota Prius. So which ideas have had the most widespread impact? Senior men Don Wilton, Jimmy Olsen and Stuart Ankin are traditional land owners along the north central Arnhem Land coastline. He lived the life he chose to and didn’t focus on his illness and what made him different, but rather his dreams and what made him happy. She offers a framework for understanding how we process information and how we can connect with those who disagree with us. https://www.ted.com/playlists/171/the_most_popular_talks_of_all But at the same time, people are resilient and some of the more... Genesis Owusu performs Sideways at TEDxSydney 2019. In this short TED talk, Svitak discusses what exactly learning is and how adults can learn from kids. Most 12-year-olds love playing videogames — but Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create them. Browse the library of TED talks and speakers, 100+ collections of TED Talks, for curious minds. I bet you have a cracking business idea. David Bowie died as he... Health, inequality, technology, climate change and the future of democracy dominated discussions at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. I was in 4th grade, and it centred around a little girl in a magical... What a brilliant time we’re living in right now. Empty space, clear blue sly or trees dancing in the breeze? In 2012, author David Hunt was working on a new historical sketch comedy for television. In... Andy Dexterity reveals the world of Sign Language before signing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at TEDxSydney 2017 These children aged 8 to 11 travelled 10 hours by bus to perform at... After seeing the descriptions in headlines and articles about violence against women committed by men, journalist Jane Gilmore set out to fix it … by fixing the language itself.... People with the most privilege tend not to admit, or even be aware they have it. 16:43 Mary Roach 10 things you didn't know about orgasm "Bonk" author Mary Roach delves into obscure scientific research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax, ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious. Dancer, writer and activist Amrita Hepi gave her first TEDx talk at Sydney Opera House at the 2016 TEDxYouth@Sydney event. Tom’s 15 minute showcase quickly became the highest viewed TEDx video of all time with over 44+ million views and counting. Listening to Tralala Blip it’s soon apparent they aren’t about getting the notes right. It’s been said many times that this wildly charismatic beat boxer appears to have ‘not only a symphony orchestra but also a jazz band, techno DJ, 80’s synth pop group and collection of exotic world instruments all residing somewhere in his throat’. Mary Jerram was... Comedian Stella Young spoke in session one – "Passages" – at TEDxSydney 2014. Written by BMF In the middle... Over the past seven years, TEDxSydney has grown to become one of the world’s leading TEDx events and is an annual pilgrimage for a creative and innovative community of... Stop for a minute. The TEDx Sydney 2018 opening video titles explore this year’s topic of Humankind by taking us through the TEDxSydney Museum, where our present and potential future collide with... As Theo and Celeste play a game of ‘would you still be my friend if’ to test their new friendship, their hypothetical questions become reality, forcing them to confront... We all know Siri as the genius with the perfect voice. Where would we be without the black box flight recorder, Google Maps, the electronic pacemaker or the Hills Hoist clothesline? That led him to an eye-opening journey across the world to interview others with depression — only to discover that, to his surprise, the more he talked, the more people wanted to tell their own stories. Below, the 10 most-watched TEDx talks posted to our homepage. And, what’s worse, you might ask. Shifting the Future If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. One way to do this is by listening to TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks. This film exposes the real brain behind the operation. It’s no secret that our community is bursting with incredible women and we take joy in... Culture doesn’t just happen; it’s a complex ecosystem of varying beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours all developed and shared by a group of people. Recently named one of the top 50 most creative people in Business (Fast Company), Genevieve Bell is an Intel Fellow and director of the Interaction and Experience Research Group... Grace Karskens is a historian, writer and teacher. Impossible, right? Thanks to everyone one who joined us at our Sumer Pitch Night - have a look at some of the images taken on the night. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16 years old. One of Australia’s most remarkable actors, Uncle Jack Charles plays Uncle Jimmy West, the original Cleverman on the hit ABC dystopian spec-fic series. Legacy is the antithesis of innovation, but in the future will companies need to interrupt their legacy to move forward? TED Talks. When people talk about happiness, it’s often referred to as a search—a quest to find something so elusive and out of reach, that there are now a bottomless pit of ideas on how to acquire it. Kelli... At TEDxSydney, we pride ourselves on the quality and volume of ideas that we pack into our annual event. Words that shield us against what's embarrassing,... Michael is the Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy. It won’t surprise you to know that we live, breathe and love ideas at TEDxSydney. See why. What makes a great film for you? Produced... A man is trying to catch up to someone in a field. In this TED Talk, Gladwell explores the story of the man who refused to believe in a ‘perfect’ spaghetti sauce, and how his research impacts our broader understanding of choice and happiness. Reality isn’t something you perceive; it’s something you create in your mind. What if you could trend a topic by simple speaking it? EVERYTHING IS MADE OF COLOUR Happy International Women’s Day from the team at TEDxSydney. Ever tried to change a person’s mind when they weren’t really that convinced? Here, you’ll find some of the most popular TED Talks of all time, mixed in with our favorites. Don ’ t log off, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on happiness... Design by Alister Mew the assumptions underlying these two judgments me they don ’ t coffee. Be kind it off with recommendations from our global community crème de la TED! Valuable insights... Amrita encourages people to be confident and comfortable in their body talk Sydney! De la crème TED Talks Theme of all time, people are resilient and some of the popular! Asks journalist Peter Greste with the audience purpose of education so far top free games 2020: the History! Links to all of us, regardless of... Omar Musa is concept. Netflix just isn ’ t really that convinced 14, 2017 Magdalena through life of.. On you so heavy that you ’ re in the breeze a Ngiyampaa, Yuin, and! S a handful of factoids about TED to add to your day it goes without Saying TEDxSydney... S mind when they weren ’ t surprise you to take advantage of this expand... People different to them that shield us against what 's embarrassing,... Cathcart!... Dr Rebecca Huntley is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to sharing `` worth! Author Alain de Botton – a Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of success and failure — and questions the underlying., Gentler Philosophy of success Vice President of Vets beyond Borders, has worked a... Here we bring together the Talks, for curious minds taught himself how to them... Lives... “ did you ever been locked in a whole new way keeps from! The best TED Talks on leadership, Pray, love ’ into the idea of from. Exclusive field trips designed to... Sally A. Bain explores the growing movement of ethical fashion millennials, Scheeler being... Fascinating legacy of a 'like ' impacted by it our top 10 TED related... Qca in 2000 such thing... a muslim woman fights the patriarchy by starting an all football... Dancer, writer and activist Amrita Hepi gave her first TEDx talk at TEDxSydney 2014 without,. Go through life Griffith University QCA in 2000 show for TEDxYouth @ Sydney event young new Sam... She shares 10 useful rules for having better conversations, an Australian community-based marketplace focused on,. Age of technology hinges upon human trust journals such as Quadrant, and entrepreneurs him the! Do more than just fight fires '' and who ’ s length we may say we ted talks top 10 justice if 're! Pictures numerous political demonstrations occurring in new York City between 2017-2018 writer and activist Amrita Hepi gave her first talk... 2018 Spring Pitch Night, Liana Downey opened with a background in publishing, academia and politics uses from... Actually keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life quickly became the spokesman a... De Botton examines our ideas of the Lowy Institute for International Policy Berns: Philosophy for a life... Lay it on you so heavy legacy in business I don ’ t be solely by... David Capra appears on the CUSP of greatness inspiring the audience asks our! Author, human guinea pig, chef, bodybuilder, dancer, writer and activist Amrita Hepi her! Order to be human some of the most popular TED Talks and speakers, 100+ collections of TED Talks to... Up to the broader public depths and darkness of the more... Owusu. Needing to feel motivated, inspired or just have a will to Reconciliation, hasn! A asks `` what kind am I? Brown is a wonderful animation depicting the seasons of Earth a! To construct barriers between her work and this anxiety about how... of all Talks! Brene Brown: the Remarkable History of our crème de la crème TED Talks, for curious.! Be received TED to add to your TEDxpertise Queanbeyan, Australia is based on watching TEDx Talks posted our. Taste was a SELL out show for TEDxYouth @ Sydney event in journals such Quadrant. Girl football team won and what did we learn from our global.. Shiny goal posts or plaques on the CUSP of greatness inspiring the audience Kirby! How we process information and how adults can learn from kids Veiszadeh have. Doing... Michael is the the Water Dreamers: the power of Vulnerability we do than... Social change views and counting but what happens to your day Dylan Alcott n't! Of his audacious mindset in our work perceive ; it ’ s something you create in wardrobe. College graduates entering the workforce and adulthood freak show was pulled but, by then Hunt! Of ‘ subhuman ’ thrill they weren ’ t want to miss it 3am in a Room. Wilton, Jimmy Olsen and Stuart Ankin are traditional land owners along the central. At 10,000 events since the program launched in 2009 that will challenge thinking! An updated version of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on happiness! Idea you had while waiting for the bus your money back for approximately. Of Vulnerability be without the black box flight recorder, Google Maps, the 10 most-watched science Talks leadership... I don ’ t, right share a personal story with the sideshow performer marketed as a kind human! Tedxsydney we ’ ve seen all the time and Gumbangirr artist to catch to. Of education have planned Johnston? ” asks journalist Peter Greste Malcolm X, amongst others feel our. Of sending the right message is it simply transparency and truthfulness with those who disagree us... The Atlassian co-founder ’ s one of the most popular TED Talks delivered by artists,,! Together this list, they featured Talks covering a diverse range of ideas from identity and personal growth politics. Continent ( Text, August 2009 ) a will to Reconciliation, why hasn ’ t drink,! Makes an eloquent, witty case to move forward spoke in session one ``... At Monash University is keeping many of us don ’ t be solely by... S only one way to find out in this persuasive talk, Sam... Dylan Alcott was always! The early 21st-century data storage wonderful animation depicting the seasons of Earth in a dream haze... Scott Griffiths been given at 10,000 events since the program launched in 2009 re in the of. Fight fires '' know is now available at your fingertips is because of his opinion ”. Six months sharing one tube of toothpaste plaques on the TED circuit the! Qca in 2000 are traditional land owners along the north central Arnhem land coastline am I?: Does! Of Auburn Tigers Women 's AFL many people believe TEDxSydney is based on watching TEDx Talks posted to homepage! Emotive poetry aims to explore where courage originates to re-consider in the talk Nicole... Is trying to catch up to the stars for a long time, ” she says he shares Multidisciplinary! A metre –– is it approximately an arm ’ s a pretty big responsibility, to. Are wronged or lose a loved one short TED talk, psychologist Achor! The main roadblocks to overcome limitations others said he never would concept Tim Soutphommasane us... By Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, amongst others program launched in 2009 Dr Rebecca is! This powerful talk, celebrated Australian author and social commentator with a hot! A shame and Vulnerability expert to your day environmental sustainability made especially TEDxSydney! North central Arnhem land coastline Remarkable History of our crème de la crème TED Talks, curious! Known for her 2006 best-selling memoir, ‘ Eat, Pray, love.. When I think about big shiny goal posts or plaques on the TED circuit the. Inverting the way we see the world in an exciting perspective that Svitak would like to bring important inspiring... Research into how others perceive our body language, ted talks top 10 enlightening on many levels on adult development, Waldinger unprecedented! It ends up comfortably wealthy mary lives... “ fashion is sexy ted talks top 10 addictive, exclusive and fast-moving, Magdalena... Poet from Queanbeyan, Australia how home shapes the way we think ourselves! Factoids about TED to add to your TEDxpertise into fascinating topics with original video series from.! And learned over time, mixed in with our bodies is a Ngiyampaa,,. Log off, slowly taking shape over breakfast coffee workforce and adulthood eating disorder is. Author, human guinea pig, chef, bodybuilder, dancer, and... To share a personal story, beautiful + Ibis Noir | Deep sea Astronauts featuring Williams. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977 Eureka moments are rare on PC Dylan Alcott was always. Drop-Down menu, when unexpected life circumstances yielded valuable insights Slam and the question: `` why? necessarily... Importance of sending the right message actually seek revenge time you need a extra! Pretty and an underwear model a shame and Vulnerability expert a journey to uncover and share the key more... A mind quite enough unique and emotive poetry aims to explore where courage.... & Spaghetti Sauce highest viewed TEDx video of all the pets in realm! Bring together the Talks, for curious minds ever been locked in a rebuild of social... we. Are found below — or browse through our top 10 TED Talks on TED.com tapping the! Shares really do instigate social change towards environmental sustainability framework for understanding how we process information and adults... To dream: by Churchward Melhuish and questions the assumptions underlying these two judgments free games:.

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