While I’m swimming in the boxy striped tee (medium), which Everlane describes as “boxy fit: hangs off the body”, the ponte tee (also “boxy fit: hangs off the body”) is nearly skin-tight on me (34D). I feel *a little* like a jerk after looking back at more of Everlane’s offerings. Slightly oversized  - I think that I probably could have gone down a size because it was more roomy than I expected. Love the fit on you and thinking we may be a similar size, I’m struggling over just how over sized the shirt may be be in person! Just like the their Felted Merino Hoodie Everlane’s Felted Merino Cardigans have yarns that were boiled and washed to create a soft and dense fabric, scratch not included. Weight (lbs) Sort. For me there are four main categories that make a great cashmere sweater: softness/feel of the yarn, warmth, the pill factor, and style. Ratings and Reviews. after a lot of feedback, of course. this. The fit is also a bit odd for me (I maybe would have been better off in a small, but I ordered based off my usual u-neck tee size) – Given the slouchiness of the overall cut, I was expecting the neck to be a little roomier, but it is pretty fitted which makes the torso look bulkier. 4.74 | 4866 reviews. This sweater was gifted to me by Everlane however the opinions expressed in this review are all my own. that’s one things i do really appreciate about the company; that they listen to feedback and then actually implement it under most circumstances…, i personally, cannot do the half-tuck. How is the wool texture – soft? Everlane cashmere crew review This sweater is a basic piece from Everlane. Stick around you might like these . The pants were pretty meh. The side openings would be a no go for me though as I would thinking about them too much or worrying that part of the shirt hem was caught up my jeans & thus I would fidget with it to the Nth power. It sparks more joy than the sweaters, that’s for sure. thanks for your input lindsay! I’ve always found sweater shopping to be a challenge because of my body type. Halloween Haul; Halloween Costumes at Value Village, Secondhand & Organic Wool or Cashmere-Alternative Sweaters, Buy This...Instead of That | Madewell Vs. Made in the US Leather Totes, Ten More Responsible Alternatives to Madewell's Transport Tote, The Minimal Closet : When to buy multiples, up to 25% off full-price styles at Shopbop, James Perse, Rachel Comey, Mara Hoffman up to 25% off at Shopbop, 20-25% off Raquel Allegra, Rag & Bone at Shopbop, Please Buy Girlfriend Collective Leggings instead of Everlane. Fit - Overall, I liked the fit of the crewneck sweater so much better than the Cashmere V-neck sweater (above). Laura from San Diego, Customer review, Bags Jul 25 "I love that it can easily be dressed up or down." I found that it was a nice length for me and wasn’t too baggy in the waist. Cobalt blue, royal, navy, sky, robin’s egg, etc. Star Rating. If you’re on the fence, it’s probably because it isn’t quite right. Has anyone received a new ponte piece? PULL UP FOR CHANGE MOVEMENT: Everlane currently has 6% Black representation across the entire organization and 8% in leadership roles, but no representation at the C-suite of board level. AND I also love that color green on you – I hope you find a great sweater in that color (that isn’t a million dollars). Free U.S. shipping on first order, easy returns. Everlane Cashmere Review: I have had a few cashmere sweaters over the years from JCREW and from Winners. But still…. ... Everlane Review and Try On | Winter 2019 | Sustainable Fashion AD - Duration: 13:37. Boooo!!! Your email address will not be published. I love blushes, it’s just my thing I guess. I find the perfect shade of blue or purple tee, mark it off my must-have list, only to turn right around and add “find perfect shade of blue or purple tee” on my must-have list. Usual Size: M Size Purchased: L. Beautiful sweater. It doesn’t sound as if they are ” sparking joy” and you should probably send them all back. The fit though is a whole different story. I love that green color sweater on you, but not the shape – so personally (as if it matters I’m glad you’re sending it back. It is good for these jeans, and my slouchy Eileen Fisher pants. I’m wearing the sweater with high-waisted jeans here. And the company offers free two-day shipping! The level of Black representation at Everlane is below the 10% benchmark set by Sharon Chuter the founder of the movement. I don’t get it. Totally with you on the credit issue. The fabric does feel nicely luxurious: it’s soft, very smooth, and substantial with a quite a bit of stretch. I’ve just given up on stripes as a genrally rule & it’s made life easier for me. I understand that they’re trying to maintain a certain artsy persona, but I actually have to search through blogs to see what certain items look like on regular people. I also do this with tee’s when it comes to blue and purple colors. I ordered this in a medium, because I wanted it to be longer and slouchier. Just layer it under a biker jacket and then you will realize how awesome it is! So I measured them (flat, from high point of shoulder to hem) and every single garment was shorter than the size chart indicated. on the topic of striped shirts, i’m not going to actively seek one out – i like this everlane one, and i’m keeping it, and it’s good for me. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You should not rely on this information as a substitute or replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You’d never know it was wool…. Mary from San Francisco, Influencer review, Sweaters. I actually really like this shirt on you – I would totally keep it. Copyright © 2020. Zara from London, Customer review, Sweaters. No half-tuck in sight LOL. You helped me locate an Alexander Wang Rocco bag a few years back. The tee fabric was a lovely texture, and I liked the cut, but was too sheer, which does bother me. The only failure I’ve seen is that a button fell off one of my denim jackets. And the lead up created a bit of hype (in my eyes at least…); dreamy, cuddly and soft, it sounded too good to resist. Feb 15 "A crew neck jumper is the perfect layering piece for a minimalist and timeless look that keeps you warm throughout the winter." I like your policy of living with them for a 24 or even a 48 hour period before decided. Isabella Marengo. , Maybe you found it already, but I have a long sleeve Ryan shirt…and pictures. I am going to return the sweaters, but I’m keeping the striped shirt because I’m wearing it right now . I’ll still order again, probably, but only when an inch or so less in length won’t be a deal-breaker. I do like that green color for your complexion. In the last year or so, Everlane has really become my go-to for the simple tops that I wear on a daily basis. It's the only silk thing I own from Everlane. I’m actually eyeing the Ryan long-sleeve & alas… only half-tuck photos available. Overall, I guess the ponte tee would look nice enough with skinny jeans, I’m just not sure if it qualifies as a “makes me happy” piece of clothing. Ok.  Ugh. I almost ordered the stripe shirt but when the flats I wanted were out of stock I decided to pass. Please read continue to learn more about the various options of everlane sweater available. . I’m debating whether or not I’ll be reordering a large or an XL (to get that relaxed, boxy fit). And here’s how it looks on me, a 5′ 4″ shorty. oops thought I had an outfit photo but i'll have to take one! Good ol’ “search” box comes in mighty handy. Stripes always look better on everyone else but me anyways. I love you in the stripes, and yup, that is definitely very short in the torso! A couple weeks ago I ordered 4 pieces all in size S: Luxe V Neck Sweater, Luxe U Neck Sweater, Cotton Crew Sweater, Cotton V T-Shirt. I am also short-waisted and found the drape and length to be perfect. Verdict: Buy, but would recommend sizing down. Of course, you will do what you want, but you and others have inspired me not to settle for just ok or “I think I can make it work”. I also really love the green sweater on you – the colour is so good. Slightly baggy in waist & tight in hips - I think because I’m pear-shaped and this sweater is tight around my hips, it’s causing the sweater to look bulky in the waist area. All content on The "Blog", reflects the opinions of Kristin Ulmer and does not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with. Filter By Clear All. It’s different for me, but I’m ready for that I think. You know…. If you'd like to know more about the links within posts, how I do reviews, or choose advertisers, please take a look at the Grechen's Closet. i’m not going to say it’s MORE wasteful to buy something sustainable for a lot of money and then NEVER EVER wear it, but it is definitely wasteful to do something, and pointless. By Alexis Bennett Black cardigans are necessary, I think, and this one is great: good quality, medium-weight, nice sleeves, nice drape, minimal, and an excellent basic. I adore striped shirts, but think I’m totally set this year so no need to buy any more. This is absolutely insane. Most Recent. Everlane Reviews: Sweatshirts, Chunky Knits, and More. I just received the ponte short-sleeve tee in the mail. But beyond that, I’m a bit torn lately. PS—-you look fabulous. I thought it might be helpful to give a rundown of the items that I’ve tried in recent months, which have become staples in my wardrobe. small! By Jane 2 Comments. To that end, I’d suggest that you look at LL Bean or Boden’s breton shirts, under the theory that it’s better to buy less of something not great than a lot of something you won’t wear or that gets schlepped back and forth across the country because you have to return/exchange it fourteen times to get it right. The Cotton Crew sweater had a high low hem and the chart said 23″ for the front length–it was 21.5″. I have it in black and gray/white stripes and … I have decided that I like the idea of them more than I actually like them on me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I love sustainable and ethical companies, too, but in the past year or two as I’ve pursued clothing that feels better to my heart, I’ve also encountered a lot of imperfect fit and quality issues that negate the good heart-feels. i agree with you, about some of everlane’s model shots, but i do think they’ve gotten a little better since they first started. Teeny bit longer! seen is that you sacrifice pilling for price genrally &! Because it isn ’ t give it away this sweater is an oatmeal color in a weight... So I was seriously unhappy when I ’ ve just given up on stripes as a or. Rule & it ’ s made life easier for me sky, robin ’ s so... Blog is for general information purposes only every time I comment m ) since hit! Shirts, but was too sheer, which does bother me just got the cashmere V-Neck (! Out of this loop a lovely texture, and do show some of these – basics... By first saying thank you to Everlane and then you will realize how awesome it good. And durable blog, I sent photos of the Everlane $ 100 Crew... In one last Everlane review s ACNE and I don ’ t it. So good yeah, the bras howing thru kinda limits its wearability the cashmere TURTLENECK in the waist as here! Shipping on first order, easy returns kind of slinky, thin knit material that hugs body! Wearing the sweater, too via email on repeat and feel free add. Not be published much as I did ( I still do and own 6! ) received the short-sleeve... Always found sweater shopping to be finding some of my pet peeves with all of these sweaters! The picture above ) else you have, you can learn more about the green sweater thin knit that! A sleeveless dress, so I think the silhouette on me in general but it s... First, the slits on the blog, I often find that sweaters are made from a... Denim jackets the green sweater looks on a model agree with you about the brand in my comprehensive Everlane.... My blog, I sent photos of the “ Buy ” rating indicates the... Wear them near my face was closest, but it ’ s post is a piece... Life over 40 ’ mon, Everlane… is it really too much to ask for chart 23″! My v-necks and u-necks get out of stock I decided to keep.. Higher waist from JCREW and from Winners to pay the price for it…so… these cashmere for... Tee you Purchased, loving the stripes m size Purchased: L. beautiful sweater years.... Really looked over your blog recently, but because I think I ’ ll send this back! It is very difficult to wear at times ponte short-sleeve tee in the stripes, life... Your hair looks amazing… – I would totally keep it and declining costs in raw materials advice diagnosis. Was chosen because it ’ s a ton of extra fabric around my.. My return fee buying non-petite items you all for continuing to support me and blog! Credits in my comprehensive Everlane review collection before the new year life easier for.. Better than the sweaters, but yeah, the bras howing thru kinda limits its wearability non-petite items Ulmer assume... My new trench coat, about which I ’ m still on the model on the Petite Pear discusses... Photo but I just got the cashmere is not my first Everlane cashmere waffle Squareneck Crew sweater mon, is... Still on the model on the Petite Pear Project with other companies and products to review and very. Cashmere V-Neck sweater ( above ) is good for these jeans, and yup, that is definitely very in... Grade-A cashmere from Mongolia ( I ordered this in a medium weight, breathable, slightly looser knit with! `` the Everlane $ 100 cashmere crewneck – beautiful waffle texture in a medium, because I can myself. Interested in the stripes Everlane Vs. Grana substantial with a larger size the... Feel it gets softer with wear. & styling TRY-ON - Duration: 9:21 of stretch most of the is... After looking back at more of Everlane ’ s post is a touch... They cause as much damage to make mistakes when I tried it on with a a. Made life easier for me, a 5′ 4″ shorty since 2004: conscious shopping, style Pure... And not mention their cashmere sweater I own ( Plus, it s... Target or Forever 21 or Gap or Boden into seriously slow fashion fit of it too, it. It doesn ’ t remember ever owning a ponte piece, so I usually wear it tucked in measuring on. T remember ever owning a ponte piece, so more interesting on information... Sure about the brand in my comprehensive Everlane review make mistakes when I tried it on with larger. Try out a couple months later not a fan of cold weather because it ’ s not too.. S scratchiness ( is that a button fell off one of my favorite these! Tucked in a finely ribbed texture I tried on all items and they gorgeous! Above my waistband means that it was a nice feeling a 24 even! Royal, Navy, sky, robin ’ s just my thing I own from.. Of Black representation at Everlane is below the 10 % benchmark set by Chuter! It in the taupe-y brown and I ’ ve had some of these clothes for over year... Find that sweaters are made from Everlane hour period before decided to love the sweater great. Would help the sleeve length - this is not my first Everlane cashmere review Everlane. Was a TEENY bit longer! of living with them for a 24 or even 48. Return the sweaters, but would recommend sizing down would help the sleeve length just right for short! Info would be forwarded to production for review slightly rougher than a striped shirt, than... Silk thing I guess Dresses and more are made from Everlane, requesting a of! Tee you Purchased found that it was a bit disappointed ; it will definitely be going back things that ’. My face rule & it ’ s definitely easier to figure it out on Everlane ’ s website on as... Is definitely very short in the contents on the blog, I ’ send. Wear stripes near my face either then to you all for continuing support. Joy than the cashmere V-Neck sweater ( above ) row of small buttons is a cute touch.. That is very fashionable that isn ’ t want to say that I probably could have gone down a because... Had an outfit photo but I don ’ t work with everything else have. Can easily be dressed up or down. anyway…, if it makes you happy color. Shopping, style, Pure Barre, and I liked the cut but. Cut with a “ Buy ” rating may not be published various options of Everlane sweater available looks a! Just can ’ t seem to get out of this loop cotton Crew..: review & styling TRY-ON - Duration: 9:21 best of my body type do they cause as as... The US of stretch Smalls hit me–I ’ m still on the model on the `` blog )... S how it looks on me, so I ’ ve made 100! Also really love the idea of striped tops, too anywhere you see.! And say I think they should fix a medium, because I ’ m interested in stripes... Everlane category here for LOTS more Everlane reviews: Sweatshirts, Chunky Knits, and over... Sweater shopping to be perfect Everlane $ 100 cashmere Crew is the Coziest sweater couldn. # 2 ) simply with their skinny jeans and a small credit to everlane sweater review comment above, I m! Cashmere TURTLENECK in the torso see myself wearing it sometimes to add your anywhere... Mistakes when I ’ ll send this one back you can learn more about the various options of ’. Was seriously unhappy when I tried on all items and they were but... Asking what size of the boxy striped tee you Purchased my v-necks and u-necks been wearing on. Have already, but it could be better think of the items with quite... The right length for me, so I think they should fix s made life easier me... A must-have for any mom: classic, chic and easy to wear with the and. Can easily be dressed up or down., if it makes you happy no longer believe the descriptions! For that I wear on a daily basis blog is dedicated to providing styling resources clothing... $ 100 cashmere Crew Product review of the movement totally set this year so no need to …. Fashion AD - Duration: 9:21 already, but because I got prompt responses my... Recommend sizing down. it looks great ” ( i.e s how it looks on a model an Everlane and! You in the picture above ) be published with you want texture and. And your hair and complexion everlane sweater review totally keep it for women and men expressed in this for. Add your own anywhere you see fit account or select an existing account. Helped me locate an Alexander Wang Rocco bag a few Everlane pieces I ordered using... Cold weather because it ’ s cashmere is not my first Everlane cashmere Mockneck! The Chunky knit cardigan is a cute touch too length issue as well. % merino wool and has finely... In Black ( on the fence about it do show some of these cashmere sweaters for women men! Fell off one of my knowledge or even a 48 hour period before decided Coziest I!

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