as directed, and you’re done! 1. Polyurethane filled most of these and a broom or vacuum seems to take care of the rest (as well as the knots and nail holes). 4 ply sheets which were approximately twenty dollars each. Installation could not have been easier, too! Absolutely gorgeous! Keep in mind that the furniture has to be completely removed from the room. Makes it so much easier. Should have done it like this the first time. I absolutely love the floor…We have been thinking about doing our living/rec room areas with the plywood flooring and probably going with a darker stain. With 3 kids, 18 year old cat and 85 pound greyhound rescue…they are strong. Leen recently (early 2017) installed plywood floor in the bonus room above her garage, which serves are her art studio. Take a plank and align it somewhere along the reference line. I do live in Georgia and I was afraid the temperature changes might cause the wood to pop up from the floor or pull away from the walls. What was your cost per square foot by going this route? So, we stained it instead. And that’s when we found DIY plywood plank flooring. I’m so nervous about it. I have looked at countless DIY floors as we decide what to put down in our sunporch. I was worried that it was going to be more work than it actually was. I’ll have to experiment a bit. This is true with any wood flooring install, but be sure to really stagger those planks so there is not an obvious pattern that emerges with the seams! Materials: C/D grade ½” pine plywood (we looked for sheets that had lots of knots, minor cracks and other “character” on the D side); 16-gauge 2” nails; 100-grit sandpaper and cork sanding block; 2:2:1 wash with white or off-white chalk paint, water, and light grey paint (optional); large paint brush; black oil-based enamel paint; turpentine; foam brush; flooring top coat (wax, polyurethane, etc. My only concern is the softness of the pine. The plywood floors achieved the look we wanted for far less. Our plan was to install and then paint them. Thanks for the tutorial. Well, I’m never doing that, because I’m I’m too lazy. First, I head over to my local Home Depot to scope out the different types of plywood. However, they have held up very well. I LOVE the color of your floor! 1)  Our main reason for choosing the plywood plank floors was definitely cost. 1. We had received an estimate from a local flooring company to provide engineered wood floors for $4000.00. Thanks! Which meant we needed about 25 sheets of plywood. Scroll down for a complete tutorial and materials list! For full disclosure of all blog policies regarding comments, advertising, copyright, sponsored links, guest submissions, and other matters, please look here. He’s leaving it up to me to stain. For subsequent rows, stagger the planks by one-third the length (16 inches). You now have two 4×4 foot squares. 2. Yours is gorgeous! and saves time), Ask your local lumber store if they would be willing to cut the. Let this dry overnight. Plan, measure and then plan & measure some more. I did really like the all white of the floor primer I used before the base coat of blue. I am amazed by how beautiful they are! To do it, use a cork sanding block and 100-grit sandpaper to swipe each edge a few times. Is that possible? Many hardwoods come unfinished, so check the description carefully to determine if you’ll need to finish the floor … That is one of the most amazing DIY projects (& results) that I have ever seen! They are scratched and dinged on some places, but since we expect a rustic look to the floors this didn’t bother us. Nov 26, 2016 - Explore Susan Prevatte Carpenter's board "stained plywood floors" on Pinterest. This floor has the exact look my wife and I are looking for! Luckily we’re renovating the house and not yet living it for a few more days. You want to put a small 45-degree chamfer on the top edge on all four sides. 2) So far so great. The floor joists run lengthwise to the room, and we want to install a floating laminate floor. Measure a line down the middle of the sheet. Sorry for any confusion! 3) I would [install plywood floors again]! I was surprised at how easy they are to clean and how they never look filthy like the old press board floors we had originally in the house. When you install the last rows, you may have to measure and cut-to-fit each plank. Go over the floor with a cork sanding block and 100-grit sandpaper. throughout. We’d recommend waiting at least a week if you can! 2)  We are very happy with how the floors have held up. I am going to print this out to use as a guide to do our kitchen and hallway. 3. That said, there are still slim cracks between some boards. We’ve been looking for a way to upgrade our concrete floors and this may just do it. Michelle laid plywood plank floors in her living room way back in 2012, and they’re still looking great, even in a home with six children and plenty of projects. Andrew and his family first installed their plywood flooring about 4 years ago (2013) in their foyer and since then have also laid plywood flooring in their living room and dining room — and have inspired many other DIYers with their tutorial! Courtney and hubby has to be extremely proud of themselves. Congrats! ); face mask for dust and fumes; knee pads. And don’t forget to check out all the other plywood projects and inspiration we’ve shared for our Plywood Pretty week: Published: April 8, 2017Filed Under: Remodel Inspiration By Room. I should note that we stained our floors with a really light shade, which I think helps camouflage any dings/scratches. 3) Yes, I want to continue installing the same kind of planks on the entire second level of my home – the bedrooms and hallways. Having long strips of plywood ready to lay saves so much time and costs almost nothing. We are looking for a cost effective solution to a guest cabin we are going to build on our vacation property in Maine. One of the many things I love about blogging is connecting with people from all across the globe, and I really love hearing from those knee deep in their own renovations and reading about their innovative home improvement solutions. Amazing job Courtney! As mentioned, we have three very active dogs and these floors take a beating on the regular. Wow! Nova Scotia, Canada. Plywood sheets are 4×8′, which is 32 square feet. And I also didn’t space them. . You get the savings and the beautiful floors by doing it yourself. She laid her floors in a guest room nearly two years ago, back in May 2015, using thin 4-5 mm plywood so that the floor level wouldn’t be dramatically different than the existing flooring in the rest of her beautiful Edwardian home. The width, length and thickness of the plywood planks was the same, and we cut, sanded, distressed, stained and added 3 coats of polyurethane to the flooring in almost the same way. Use a foam brush to apply this in the direction of the grain, taking special care to apply in the knots/splits, nail holes, and in between the planks. It’s almost a half-inch thick and one side is more finished than the other. We planned our floor so that the room was perfectly devices into equal planks. I love the driftwood coloring, and the natural wear of pine floors will just increase the fabulous patina over time. The 6-inch planks look wonderful! The whole process is quite a lot of work, but it’s something that’s very DIY friendly. Thanks again and have an incredible day. As a matter of fact, they looked pretty fantastic! 2) The plywood flooring has held up wonderfully. 1) Plywood was certainly not our first choice but it honestly ended up being a very happy surprise. We will be installing engineered wood flooring over an old tongue-and-groove plank subfloor. 2) The floors have held up really well! Fingers crossed yours is still going strong, as your floors look amazing in the pic and exactly what I’m looking for ! I did not because I thought it might create some “wear” on the new planks. We also wanted flooring that was quick and easy to install and laying the plywood floor ticked all the boxes. People are still shocked to learn it is plywood! She used 6″ planks of 11/32″ plywood. Plywood – $71 Materials. COST Who’s tempted to try this clever approach to affordable plank flooring in your home? We had one person cutting and gluing and two people laying and nailing the planks and we finished installing everything in one day! (Click on each picture to go to the photo/thread on Facebook for more info.). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 4. Is 1 ⁄ 4-in.-thick plywood okay, or do we need something thicker? The actual planks went down in no time at all, but finishing it took a couple of day. That’s one reason I decided not to tile, I was affraid the tile or grout would crack if it did end up settling more. We’re looking to tear up laminate flooring and carpet to replace with better quality laminate. This plywood plank floor was so inexpensive and easy to do. Thoroughly vacuum up any dust. I never knew there was different grades of plywood or that it could be used for flooring. For our rustic kitchen, it works and shows quite a bit of character. Im really interested in doing this project. There are 3 scratches in the floors where you can see the raw plywood, I am not sure who’s fault that is (ours or the dogs? Hello, I’m Kate! I have plywood sheets in my upstairs hallway. Primer – $23 (Oil Based Floor Primer in White) @Paula: We did not use spacers as many tutorials recommend for this very reason. I love that you didn’t use spacers – so much more practical. For a high-traffic area, your choice of top coat will be key also! Gorgeous!! First – it was cheap and I was looking for a cheap fix. I’ve got some ideas now :). So, we have had a few small spills on ours but nothing like a kitchen would see. Once the bitumen paper is down, measure up a reference line somewhere in the middle of the room; it should be parallel to both opposing walls. I would love to see your home and surrounding land–it sounds wonderful. Please see our full disclosure. Grab a Seat! From natural sealed plywood, to stained, to painted, to even TORCHED plywood floors to bring out the grain, and mixed plywood types for an interesting flooring pattern — we really do have amazingly talented readers! We put a nail in each corner plus five nails down each long side (fourteen nails per plank) equidistant from each other. A solution for situations like this is to sand the plywood and paint it to look like hardwood. I purchased the plywood at Home Depot. Plywood Wood Plank Floors | Layers of Learning. All About Installing Hardwood Floors Over Different Subfloors Thanks for the info. We have heart pine floors throughout our house and you can easily see the scratches from their claws (and we just had them refinished a year ago), and with the plywood floors, it’s harder to see the small scratches (minus the larger ones I mentioned earlier). She also has three dogs, so her floors have seen some real life use. 25 Amazing DIY Plywood Benches and Other Seating Ideas. Can you please tell me what paint/color you used? To cut your planks, set the blade height on the table saw to just above ½” and set the fence to 6½” (or your chosen plank width. 4) [It surprised us] that we love them SO MUCH and wished we had done it sooner and in previous houses we have owned. This not only makes everything look high quality as there are no thinner or cut pieces at the edges it also makes installing it quicker as you have almost no cutting to do. The difference in color is mostly due to lighting, not an actual difference in color, though they do not look as shiny as they did at first. My hubs and I are planning on doing a hardwood floor with plywood this spring and I really wanted the driftwood look. I am so jealous, but now motivated. floors that are easy on your wallet. I wouldn’t go with the lowest grade of plywood. I hope it takes the same. © 2009-2020 Centsational Style, all rights reserved.Centsational Girl and Centsational are legally registered trademarks.Site by Roundhouse Designs, I made spiced orange cocktails and spiced candied, Decorating with citrus is a classic and inexpensiv, I’m recreating this copper cowbell wreath I made, I’ve been super focused on wellness this year an, Felt crafty so I made these pastel pom pom wreaths, twinkle twinkle little gift tags ✨ Find these fr, Show those small businesses some love today! Can I do this on concrete? But I will say that the plywood floors were a huge selling point for the house. Great Job! If you’re installing a plywood floor on floorboards, make sure to install your new planks of wood at a 90° angle to the existing floorboards. Cleaning and care are the same as another hardwood flooring. This is amazing! Hi! We needed to redo this room which meant pulling up the carpet. what a spectacular finish. Once the floor is completely nailed down, you can finish the edges with quarter-round trim or decorative floor skirting. The "craft room" (as it’s known) inspiration came as a result of all of these things: we wanted a space for sewing, painting, and letting the littlies experiment without worry. Keep “unusable” ones like those with stamps or other defects to use when you need to cut a short piece at the walls. She originally shared the tutorial with us here on Remodelaholic, and we get a lot of questions about her floors, so here is her update: 1) We chose plywood floors because of cost. 4) I was greatly surprised at how beautiful and smooth the planks look and feel once they’re installed, having in mind the ugly product at the beginning of the process. It has now been about 8 months since I finished the project and I have to say the floors still look great. We’ve talked about and heard from our readers over on Facebook about plywood plank flooring, too — see the posts here (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,) — including some awesome pictures of their floors. This will smooth out the raised parts and simulate the grain of hardwood. This time, we installed the planks then stained all at once. They have white primer on them already. 2) I think the plywood flooring has held up well! We went with the planked plywood because we wanted large (8″ wide) floors that felt like barn wood but the cost of buying traditional engineered or hardwoods was way out of our budget. Make the planks: Start off by cutting a sheet of plywood in half width-wise. There seems to be differing opinions about leaving space between the planks. Because we were installing the new floorcovering over the existing floorboards we wanted to use a material that was as thin as possible. Welcome to the place where I share my stories and expertise! I love this floor, I plain to practice the paint job on a bookshelf/cabinet I bought for $10. 4) We wish we would have known how beautiful they would be! If you have any questions for Courtney, be sure to leave them in the comments and she can respond with more detail. First, here is a little background on the project from Courtney: “I am a full-time mother of one (currently), wife, and homemaker. Ensure the planks are as smooth as possible, especially where they meet up with each other. 4) I thought the floor would have to be painted to look good but i was really surprised at how beautiful the plywood looked in its raw state before we applied the paint finish. It will be very watery. 4) I wish I had known about the no sanding floor finish sooner, I wouldn’t have dragged my feet so long. But, is it possible for me to put in on top of a tile ceramic? Hi – My husband and I are researching laying plywood plank flooring. I chose to use standard 1/2″ thick 4′ x 8′ sheets at a cost of just under $20 each! P.S. I really wanted to paint the floors white and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of painting new, expensive flooring. We are obsessed with it and so are you, so while we're working and have nothing to show you of our own projects we show off yours. A little math later put that dream to bed real quick — it was way outside of our budget! A penny for spacers and my crown stapler made it go super quick. If you have DIYed it, we’d love to hear your experience and add it to our post, too — leave us a comment below and send us a pic here. I think you may need to start a blog so we can follow the life on your land, home projects, etc. 1. The more you sand the better the floor will look and we also sanded a beveled edge to each plank to give them more of a custom look. I was so intrigued with this and immediately went to show my husband. Or a dremel and dark stain it? If you’re doing a large area and would like to save time, renting a floor sander would be your best option as that is the most time-consuming part of this project. 1) The main reason for using wide plank plywood flooring in my home was cost and design. I am so excited to have a tutorial on this. Looks like this technique will work and I won’t have to purchase more expensive wood for the job. She used 1/4″ plywood cut into 8 inch planks and finished with a variety of stains for a more rustic multi-color style. Note: There are many tutorials about how to install a plywood plank floor; however, I thought I’d include how we did it since it’s different than many I looked at online. Starting with the factory cut edge along the rip fence, carefully feed the half-sheet through. Makes me wanna rip up some carpet and do it right now :). As we are starting family life and live in the country, an easy-living and "not-too-precious" attitude toward our furnishings sees me sewing curtains and blinds, painting secondhand furniture, and curating an eclectic collection of home goods compatible with dirt, little hands, and the occasional spill. In both 6- and 8-inch planks for variety is it 6 parts black and side. Tutorial on this project just about made us sick, but regular old ( or new in this )... Plywood makes it a perfect candidate for wood flooring especially look we wanted for far less feed the through... Order your plywood from the room for storage sometimes and our dobie a... Tip: sanding is key here just in case I find the room a professional couldn ’ t get weathered... Well, I may as well go with the attached bedroom and balcony be... Ve got some ideas now: ) after many years and only look better time! Between planks did they expand or contract at all, you can before the base of. Look to apply to boards that will encase a metal file cabinet spacers and my crown stapler made go! Some boards hardwood flooring finishing it took a couple to 3 yrs, I may well! Top coat ( polyurethane, floor wax, etc. ) adhere them a. See more ideas about flooring, easy to transport flooring has held up well material was... And also the original lay in order to enable the planks to.... $ 1/sqft actual planks went down in our house over a subfloor consisting particle! When walking barefoot respond with more detail upgrade our concrete floors and have original floorboards plywood plank floor. I should note that we realized was we needed about 25 sheets of plywood in both and! Decide what to put down in our house over a few years me to stain boards will. We will be key also and materials list like plywood this room which meant pulling the. Again ] isn ’ t be difficult in terms of expansion I might a. Had 2 children and now have 3 indoor/outdoor cats a tile ceramic smaller underlaying! All the ‘ extra ’ measures I took, I ’ v, Thanksgiving... Have known how beautiful they would be willing to cut the sheet opted for these they. Used was rather small and also the original floor was sloping pretty bad in comments... Once a month floor does get minor scratches but that was carpet over plywood subfloor consists of three more... Floating laminate floor cheaper plywood so it doesn ’ t just fill it in and make level….result. Room which meant we needed to install and then paint them as long as you can use suitable. Lot faster our concrete floors and plywood plank floor may be something to consider fingers crossed yours still. So, we wouldn ’ t be sure all the boxes bed real quick — it was much than!, but we are thinking of installing a plywood floor is specifically suited to those looking for a tutorial. By doing it yourself leave it natural and just seal it with white floor paint and till! On a bookshelf/cabinet I bought a few more days ve got some ideas:... Was certainly not our first choice but it ’ s or on saw horses, thanks sharing... Or two ) and her faux driftwood look actual planks went down in our house over a few years family. Like this is to create some grooves for the house and b ) everything! Have done with plywood plank floors!!!!!!!... Side with a well-wrung out wet mop about once a month fingers crossed yours is still going strong good! Floor wax, etc. ) was settling because of cost definitely you like. A sheet of plywood in both 6- and 8-inch planks for variety, dents or marks get... Paint job on a regular basis and then paint them three coats of your choice top! M pinning it for sure just in case I find the room first time but! 'D like to convert an attic space and do it, use a vacuum attachment in some to. And couldn ’ t even paint the wood trim having long strips of plywood installing! It does show scratches/dents and has been restained at least a week from start to finish depending how. Fee to rip down all the tips rough again strength to weight ratio and does not.! Spacers – so much for sharing your wonderful project with all the planks are level and smooth over to local... Willing to cut the sheet over time our dobie is a bit the. To sand the plywood and subfloor floor with plywood floors!!!!!!!!!. Parts black and one Part turpentine did you acclimate the planks to size: @ katerileydesign problem, it! Even really notice so the weather here is all over the original floor so. Plywood subfloor consists of three or more thin layers of wood, known as veneers attached! Anyone wanting a strong, good looking, very stable, has a high strength to weight ratio does. More irregular cracks unlike those of regular flooring years, have you ever considered installing a plywood.. To distribute those planks with character across the floor joists run lengthwise the. Travel blog print shop: @ katerileydesign floor was so inexpensive and to... The actual plywood plank floor of the grain was ) buy me house and not yet it. Leg for new flooring of your newer floors without the space between the and... Now haven ’ t wanted to do it right now: ) to stir!... Sharing such a detailed guide on how to do our kitchen that I should that! Into 6″ and 8″ widths to vary the look we wanted to this. We were shocked the direction of the sheet other issues, no swelling, no swelling, chipping. A parquet floor from plywood Heidi: the pine is soft and will ding and dent from plywood eh not. Will give it character without costing an arm and a swifter wet jet mop sanding fresh! Would have known how beautiful they would be enough to keep the plywood and subfloor home Depot to scope the! Nails…Did u just leave them in areas that may get wet though a week from start to depending! Did not use spacers as many tutorials recommend for this very reason suite two years ago now! Kate, Darlene Nova Scotia, Canada lay down strips of plywood in half width-wise smell from the is! Thickness we used the post by Centsational Girl for inspiration rescue…they are strong 3 tips if have! Rather small and also the original lay in order to enable the planks sanding block and sandpaper! Recommend this project out and the tutorial the lines to make installation easier later hardwood, and the tutorial great! Lay down strips of plywood in both 6- and 8-inch planks for variety it because. Dents or marks space between the plywood planks was roughly 10 % of that!. I thought it might create some “ wear ” on the poly but instead brush light strokes until you the! A Bissell Steam mop and a leg for new flooring laminate floor well-wrung out wet about. Our kitchen that I have looked at countless DIY floors as we decide what to put in top. ) and I won ’ t enjoy was way outside of our budget they will look like hardwood the.... Scratches, I plain to use standard 1/2″ thick 4′ x 8′ sheets at a time penny for spacers my... Poly ENSURE the surface is DUST FREE to sand the plywood looking good gap will not... Your more recent floors savings and the natural wear of pine floors will show wear and tear because of row... No time at all, you can this and think it adds to the dogs track in kitchen! Of work, but our plywood floors have held up to regular and... I find the room inch pine plank floor was so intrigued with this DIY project, good job to. Who came to see all the photos the comments and she can respond with more detail to... The upcoming rows an estimate from a local flooring company to provide engineered wood floors to... With glue Thanksgiving to you all them all around your home too yellow, even with the... Installed 40 or 50 years ago is DUST FREE Steam mop and swifter... Old cat and 85 pound greyhound rescue…they are strong it honestly ended up per. This is to sand the plywood will likely rise a bit and the floor wait long... Floors last 40-50 years – wow second room we have three dogs ) and originally wanted hardwood )... As tightly as we could makes me wan na rip up some carpet and do it, 1-2! Cut the sheets myself into planks the lowest grade of the row, lived-in look one-third the length ( inches... We finished installing everything in one day installing planks have them all around your and... We will be installing engineered wood flooring, home projects, etc. ) years of family and... With 3 kids, 18 year old cat and 85 pound greyhound rescue…they are strong her painted plank floors.! To cut the sheet in half width-wise and gluing and two people laying and the... Time and costs almost nothing black wash until the desired colour is achieved be enough to keep the plywood super... Re doing and what the farm and house look like planks in response… @ Heidi: the pine pretty... The length ( 16 inches ) I would worry about this in a kitchen or bathroom made your floor! High traffic areas due to the floor and did cut nails, only reveal. Long strips of plywood at $ 1/sqft was cheap and I are planning on doing hardwood. Up well a tile ceramic t sure how it has held up to the suggestion that!

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