As greedy method works in stages only one stage is considered at a time. We will be using the greedy method to obtain the maximum possible profit. Time complexity of prim’s algorithm is O(ElogE). You perform the optimal substructure for a problem if the optimal solution of this problem contains optimal solutions to its subproblems. Obviously, only one proof would suffice. Solving problem of knapsack with greedy approach. View Greedy method.ppt from COMPUTER S 101 at Pondicherry Central University. The greedy method It is one way to construct a feasible solution for such optimization problems, and, sometimes, it leads to an optimal one. For some problems, it yields a globally optimal solution for every instance. In this method, we have to find out the best method/option out of many present ways. First, select some solutions from input domain. Locally Optimal- Among all feasible solutions the best choice is to be made. A Greedy algorithm makes greedy choices at each step to ensure that the objective function is optimized. When compared the value column, the highest value will be 3rd row, which consists of 1 and 4, the sequence would be 4,1 because 4th job having the less dead line than the 1st . It find the solution in the ste-by-step manner. GREEDY METHOD What is greedy approach? one. Any subset that satisfies these constraints is called a feasible solution. Now make the table with the modified code value. So, optimal solution is only placing item1 in the knapsack. Then check whether the solution is feasible or not. By this the length is reduced by 7 units. Remaining is 2, so cannot be put into bag. Greedy method Feasible Solution: For solving a particular problem there exists n inputs and we need to obtain a subset that satisfies some constraints. Note, however, that DP is not the dominant approach for solving TSP. The tree is a connected graph with no cycles is formed in it. When following a greedy approach, we con- struct a solution in stages. Greedy Method 6 Solution: A and B are False : The idea behind Prim’s algorithm is to construct a spanning tree - means all vertices must be connected but here vertices are disconnected C. False.Prim's is a greedy algorithm and At every step, it considers all the edges that connect the two sets, and picks the minimum weight edge from these edges.In this option weight of AB

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